Blue October 2007 Call-Out!


Blue October 2007 Call-Out

Dear Water Allies,

Today, one in 6 people lack access to safe, affordable water, and 2 in 5 lack access to adequate sanitation. The United Nations expects these numbers to rise–unless we act now. A vibrant international movement is challenging the corporate control of this precious resource, and defending water as a public good and an inalienable right.

International water activists are preparing to launch the second annual Blue October campaign. Blue October is an international month of action to challenge the corporate control of water and to protect it as a shared natural resource available to all.

As Blue October approaches, we hope you’ll join us in this historic international month of action by organizing activities to draw attention to water issues in your community. Activities can range from the very small and local to national events.

You can help make Blue October 2007 a success by endorsing Blue October and by organizing an action or event, big or small! It could be something symbolic of your support such as sending letters supporting the human right to water, or it could be more ambitious, such as the performance of a ballet for water by your countries national ballet company as happened in Paraguay last year. The possibilities are endless but whatever your capacity, we welcome your solidarity!

There is time to organize, many activities are planned for late in October to coincide with the celebration of the historic victory for the right to water in Uruguay. Put your country on the map!

How to support Blue October 2007?


Please organize an activity and share its details with Blue October organizers. You can fill out a form and email it back to organizers. This will ensure that your activity details will be listed on the Blue October website.

Post links from your organization’s website to the common Blue October Website. Go ahead and download any resources posted on our website! The Blue October logos and templates are to be shared and they can be reproduced and customized according to your specific needs.

Around the world, people are taking action throughout October. There are many actions already being planned and we will soon share these with you. Please add your actions to this list.

On October 31, 2004, the people of Uruguay voted to amend their constitution to recognize this fundamental right. The Constitution now guarantees that piped water and sanitation be available to all Uruguayans, and it bans for-profit corporations from supplying this public good. Blue October celebrates this historic move by challenging the corporate control of water through global action! 2006 marked the launch of the first Blue October campaign. In total, almost 30 countries were represented and many more activities were organized.

CONTACT Blue October team:
There are a number of people who have volunteered to assist with questions.

Marcela Olivera –
Roberto Cruz –

Vicki Kaplan –
Anil Naidoo –

Sonia Vani –

Finally, please fill out the activity information form which can be found on our website and email it back to:

Gigi Kellet – or
Sonia Vani –

or answer the following questions as briefly as possible – and translated into English, Spanish and French if you have the capacity.

Name of Organization or Group:
Organizational Website:
Contact Name:
Contact Email Address:
Contact Telephone Number:
Brief description of organization:
Date of Activity:
Brief Description of Activity:
Objective of Activity:

Water is a right, not a commodity!


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