Event: Discussion Meeting on Transparency and Accountability of International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

VOICE, a Dhaka based activist organization, will be organizing a discussion-meeting on ‘Transparency and Accountability of International Financial Institutions (IFIs)’ on Monday, 17 September 2007 from 10.00 am. to 1.00 pm., at Dhaka Reporter’s Unity auditorium (8/4 Segunbagischa, Dhaka).

The objectives the meeting are to discuss the global financial architecture and the dominant role of the World and International Monetary Fund (IMF) that often impose policies to the government. Recently, IMF has been trying to push Policy Support Instrument (PSI) on Bangladesh government that has logically been opposed by the concerned citizens as proposed PSI goes against the spirit of independence and sovereignty. The unjust and undemocratic policy regime and economic governance led by the Bank and the Fund destruct people’s life and livelihood which have already raised worldwide criticism and created a space for alternatives. And though these financial institutions advocate for transparency and accountability, they lack the mechanisms of being transparent and accountable.

With this backdrop, VOICE invites all to join the discussion meeting that will help promoting critical views, enhancing information exchange and consensus building and presenting opportunities for wider coordination and collaboration among NGOs and CSOs, in particular, on the proposed Policy Support Instrument and also on the role of the IFIs. The meeting will also discuss on a sharper focus on country priorities and strategies based on participatory initiatives in view of making an independent national development and economic policy considering own resources and knowledge free from the forced-prescription and imposition of IFIs.

This meeting will involve a wide range of civil society members, NGOS, activists, journalists and representatives of professional bodies while eminent economists and leaders of the civil society will be present as key discussants.

For more information contact:
Ahmed Swapan Mahmud
Executive Director, VOICE
E-mail: info@voicebd.org
Telephone: +88-02-8158688


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