WSF Process 2008 – Call for Day of Action and Mobilistion, January 26, 2008


We are millions of women and men, organisations, networks, movements, trade unions from all parts of the world, we come from villages, regions, rural zones, urban centres, we are of all ages, peoples, cultures, beliefs, but we are united by the strong conviction that


With all the richness of our plurality and diversity and our alternatives and proposals, we struggle against neo-liberalism, war, colonialism, racism and patriarchy which produce violence, exploitation, exclusion, poverty, hunger and ecological disaster and deprive people of human rights.

For many years we have been resisting and constructing innovative processes, new cultures of organization and action from the local to the global, in particular within the processes and Charter of Principle of the World Social Forum from which this call emerges.

Aware of the need to set our own agenda and to increase the impact of these thousands of expressions and manifestations, we are committed to strengthening the solidarity and convergence amongst our struggles, campaigns, and constructions of alternatives and alliances.

We commit ourselves to a week of action which will culminate in a Global Day of Mobilisation and Action on January 26

With our diversity which is our strength, we invite all men and women to undertake throughout this week creative actions, activities, events and convergences focusing on the issues and expressed in the ways they choose.


Visit the website to sign the call, read a short history on the day of mobilisation and global action and know how to take part in its preparation.

Visit WSF website. Subscribe:WSF Bulletin

Social Forums around the World.


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