Coming up: 2008 Spring Meetings of World Bank and International Monetary Fund


The World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings are on this week. The official meetings will be held over a 2-day period, from April 12 to 13, at the headquarters of the World Bank and IMF in Washington D.C. Parallel to those meetings, beginning on Thursday, April 10, a program of policy dialogue sessions will bring together WB and IMF staff, government delegates and civil society representatives. Other events are being organised by civil society independently of the institutions.

Some of the topics to be discussed are: the World Bank’s strategic frameworks on climate change and engagement with civil society, odious/illegitimate debt and extractive industries transparency initiative.

Most attention is likely to be focused on the global credit crisis that has been spreading in the last few months, with losses estimated by the IMF this week at a stunning $945 billion. Many opinions have been ventured about what the IMF’s response to the crisis can and should be; many more will likely be voiced over the weekend.

In addition, the World Bank anticipates substantial discussion of the recent global rise in food and fuel prices, which has led to riots in many more impoverished countries, from Haiti to Egypt. Those price hikes are blamed in part on the credit crisis, but also on the surging demand for land and crops by the agrofuels sector, which demonstrates the concrete links between the climate crisis and immediate economic concerns in vulnerable countries.

If you are attending the Washington’s Meetings, please list yourself in the Who’s in Town list, use the 2008 Spring Meetings WB- IMF blog to reflect on your personal experiences and view the list of events where actions of Civil Society will take place. We would like to hear your opinions!

Check the IFIwatchnet coverage during the spring meetings season and keep yourself informed with day to day updates and analysis!


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