Flip The Coin: Documentary film exposes use of child labour by Telenor-GrameenPhone

“Do we not see the consequences of the global market?”

Flip the Coin, the documentary film, shows how Ericsson and Telenor for more than a decade have neglected to live up to their own Code Of Conduct. Fatal accidents, child labour, hazardous working conditions and environmental disasters is everyday occurrences in their factories in Bangladesh. Thousands of poor workers, work for subcontractors to Ericcson and Telenor. Two of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. These multinational companies guarantees to the public and there stock owners, that the employees and suppliers have to live op to the most basic human rights and environmental standards. “A Tower Of Promises” documents how these guarantees are nothing more than words on paper. 

Watch the trailer: 

See more at www.flipthecoin.org


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