Casino Crash – new blog on the current financial crisis

 Transnational Institute


The Transnational Institute (TNI) has launched a special blog, “Casino Crash” to provide a space for critical analysis of the financial crisis. TNI has long been warning of the dangers of the financial bubble, featuring articles on the issue and holding a Fellows Meeting titled the “Power of Money” in 2007. The blog hopes to answer some of these core questions:

  • What are the real causes of the Wall Street Meltdown?
  • What are the implications of the responses led by Paulson, Sarkozy, Brown and other governments worldwide?
  • Will bank bailouts resolve the crisis?
  • What will be the social and environmental impact of both the credit crunch and the different political responses to the crisis?
  • What are the implications of the crisis for neoliberalism or indeed capitalism?
  • What alternative solutions are needed to resolve both the immediate crisis and its systemic causes?

The debate will be enriched by your participation, so please visit the blog, leave a comment, link to articles you like and help turn this blog into a key forum for debate and analysis of this critical issue. In the coming week we will be featuring some of the most insightful articles and comments in our regular newsletter.

Join the debate!


One Response to Casino Crash – new blog on the current financial crisis

  1. tyron says:

    Mmm, the fresh smell of mass manipulation in the air again. The fat cats behind the curtains just cant help pulling there string and making us jump. Its a war without the blood. Ok maybe some blood, but mainly a very convincing illusion. Oh no we have no money because we’v been to greedy. What are we going to do? Suddenly the door opens. Oh thank god its the world bank! I’ll LOAN you some money. All you have to do is play it back with intrest like most loans. But where am i going to get the money to pay the intrest. Easy just get the stupid people of your country to work for it and keep them happy with celebrities, alcohol, lies and use that whole democrat and republican flight to keep people occupided and divided. Dont forget that you can loan money to pay the intrest, we do create the money you know. US history is full of crazy events that powerful few benefit from just because the masses soak it all up without think a little deeper. I cant say that this is fully planned out but we have to be open to the possibility. Then come together as one to change the system.

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