Global Week of Actions for Water Justice

March 14-22, 2009

As part of the call to the global water justice movements to mobilize against the false World Water Forum,  we commit to mobilize for the Global Week of Actions for Water Justice. The global week of action serves as a common platform for movements, peoples’ organizations, activists and citizens, elected representatives and governments committed to water justice? for all communities to access safe, affordable water for drinking, fishing, recreational, and cultural uses in an equitable, effective, democratic way.

We invite and urge movements, organizations, and citizens around the world to undertake actions in their own countries that reflect their own struggles, character, and possibilities. This can either be a seminar or forum about your struggles, rally or symbolic action, a concert or press conference, etc. All actions related to our common goal of water justice are welcome?from more modest actions to larger mobilizations.

We invite you to share information about your plans by sending us a short paragraph outlining your planned activities and engagements (including date and place), contact details, including Country and Organization. Information can be sent to

This week includes special dates:

March 14: The International Day of Action for Rivers

March 22: World Water Day

We once again invite you to go to Peoples Water Forum to find out more about how you can support these efforts. With you, together we can build a truly global week of action for water justice.


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