Climate Change Fund Management Committee: Bangladesh government urged not to include World Bank in the body

Staff correspondent, NewAge, March 15, 2009

The leaders of the Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods, an alliance of more than 150 local, national and international development agencies, have urged the government not to incorporate the World Bank in the climate change fund management committee of the government.

Although the government of the United Kingdom had pledged to donate funds for combating the impact of climate change following the suggestion by the Bangladesh government, the UK government now is preferring the ‘multi donor trust’ in the name of the WB, claimed the forum leaders.

Their demands were presented at a press briefing organised by the CSRL at the Dhaka Reporters Unity on Saturday. Member secretary of the forum, Ziaul Haque Mukta read out the demands.

The national plan on climate change and its financial disbursement system should formulate a well-coordinated system with the participation of different public and private development organisations and the civil society, combining the efforts of the affected people. But it should not be led by any donor countries, agencies or the WB, they argued.

They also urged the government to form a national board on climate change, incorporating all the private and public sector agencies, concerned ministries and the affected people to face the overall impact of climate change.

The national board should also formulate a comprehensive plan on climate change and coordinate all its programmes including ratification of the project, fund collection, monitoring and evaluation, they said at the briefing styled ‘climate change : national plan and financing.’

Although Bangladesh has already formulated a national strategy and an action plan on climate change, based on the consultation between the government officials and the representatives of the non-government and donor organisations, the action plan has ignored participation of the affected people, political parties and the experts, they said.

Although the national strategy and the action plan put emphasis on the adaptation method, it did not consider the issue of possible loss of homesteads by several crores of people at the coastal regions and the necessity of local and international migration as an adaptation strategy under the plan, they pointed out.

Among others, the chairperson of the CSRL, Shirin Akhter and climate expert, Ahsan Uddin attended the briefing.


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