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praxis books is an imprint of BanglaPraxis

Read, Write, Resist! 

Let’s have an activist hermeneutic–or, say, hermeneutics as praxis. Let’s read the moments that surround us, that oppress us, and that also enable us to be oppositional. The kinds of readings that merely generate self-justifying, self-satisfying ‘pleasures of the text’ (we ain’t opposed to pleasure, though–hell no!), while fetishizing textuality and thereby disabling activism, don’t interest us. So, yeah, let’s read, write, resist by all means.

Forthcoming publications from praxis books:

A Primer on the Wall Street Meltdown (bilingual: Bangla & English) by Walden Bello, Focus on the Global South

On the Question of Free Trade, Karl Marx & Frederick Engels

Bangla translation of Why Investment Matters by Kavaljit Singh, Public Interest Research Centre

The US Financial Meltdown: Roots of the Economic Crisis in Overaccumulation, Financialisation and Global Apartheid by Patrick Bond, Director, Centre for Civil Society, South Africa

Phulbari Resistance! (tentatively titled)

The Familial Order, Not Easily Undone (bilingual: English and Bangla) by Rahnuma Ahmed

Marx Reloaded by Azfar Hussain, Oklahoma State University

‘Wetlands vs. Drylands’: Explaining the Retreat from Flood Control in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta of Bangladesh by Shapan Adnan, South Asian Studies Programme, National University of Singapore

Undermining Abundance: Counter­productive Uses of Technology and Law in Nature, Agriculture, and the Information Sector by Roberto Verzola

A (Crumbling) Wall of Money: Financial Bricolage, Derivatives and Power by Nicholas Hildyard, The Cornerhouse

Climate Crisis: Social Science Crisis by Larry Lohman, The Cornerhouse

Modern Power and the Reconfiguration of Religious Traditions: Interview with Talal Asad (bilingual: English and Bangla)


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3 Responses to praxis books

  1. Misha Singh says:

    Hi Zakir, looking forward to collaboration. Wanted some more info about your organization – appreciate all the support you have given the Tribunal. In solidarity, M

  2. Ruhul Amin Rasel says:

    i need any news of PHLBARI

  3. Ruhul Amin Rasel says:

    i need any news and pablicetion of PHLBARI movment.

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